Ek OMKar
One immutable OM

The English translation of Gurbani is as per by this devotee of Lord Govind. This translation is just for a quick meaning. However, the exact meaning can only be felt by the grace of Guru or of Lord Ram Himself. Please excuse this little servant of Hri if it contains errors and please help me to improve the content by notifying me the errors.

Many names for God are used in Sri Guru Granth Sahib by Gurus and various other devotees at various places. The Name Hari appears 8344 times, Ram 2533 times, Gopal (Sustainer of the Earth = Krishna) 491 times, Gobind (The One Who takes care of the Earth = Krishna) 475 times, Prabhu 1371 times, Murari (Enemy of Mur Raksh = Vishnu, Krishna) 97 times, Narayan (The One who rests on water) 85 times, Allah 46 times, Bhagwan 30 times, Madhav (consort (dhava) of the Mother (Ma), or Mahalaksmi, the Mother of the universe) 27 times, Krishna 22 times, Rab 17 times, Narsingh (Incarnation of Vishnu with head of tiger and body of man) 16 times, Damodar (tied by rope (dama) around the belly (udara), Krishna) 15 times, Banwari (the one living in the groves of Vrindavan = Krishna) 15 times, Wahi Guru 13 times, and Madhu Sudan (Enemy of Madhu Raksh = Vishnu, Krishna) 9 times. Thus the Bani in Sri Guru Granth Sahib encourage universal brotherhood.

Hri OM